December 19, 2006

We have unpacked the last of the moving boxes, decorated our Christmas tree and just hung the family photos in our new home. Somewhere beautiful holiday postcards of our daughters have just arrived from a US photo studio. I plan to mail them before Christmas, but addresses are locked away on our main computer’s the hard drive.  So this is a quick e-mailto wish you the very best this holiday season .

The Anchrums are especially thankful this season for the warm wishes and support from so many over the last few months as we left our home in Sweden for Singapore.

Stockholm will hold a special place in our hearts as this is where our baby girls grew into little girls.  The “stor vit huset” is home for Tiana who misses her dagis playmates.  Kiara is eager to make new friends and wear her pre-school uniform. Never mind that it’s red and green plaid, as long as she gets to wear a dress every day she is happy.  Tiana is more excited about riding a school bus. Terrence and I are delighted because their pre-school is just five minutes from our office, and the girls will learn basic Mandarin when they start in January.

Our USA layover was just what we needed as the girls were spoiled rotten by their grandmother, uncle, aunts and cousins. We enjoyed being able to spend time with so many of our friends and family.  Thanks again to Elaine, Lynda and Ohma for making it easier for us to reconnect.  I love the family video farewell that Ohma taped right under my nose! I regret that we didn’t get to see everyone, but we will visit again in 2007.

For now, we’re getting settled in our new home, and Singapore is feeling a lot like home already.  We’re living in a family-friendly condo that has a great playground and pool for the girls.  The only downside is the Pacific Island Expressway.  To get a newly renovated unit, I opted for one facing the expressway. Terrence reassures me that the hum of traffic will be background noise in another month or so. 

Well at least I got a jumpstart in my new job by covering a lot of miles and time zones in a short period – Singapore, Manila, Mumbai, Bangkok and Sydney.  This small town girl always knew the world was bigger than Milford, Ohio, but never dreamed she’d have an opportunity to see so much of it!  We’re taking pictures and journaling in scrapbooks to help our daughters remember this special time.

Terrence just started his new job, which keeps him in finance while leveraging his prior P&G engineering experience.  It’s been a smooth transition as Terrence is reconnecting with old colleagues.  I guess it’s a small world after all.    

So from our corner of the world to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love and Good Tidings from the Anchrums,

Kelly, Terrence, Tiana & Kiara

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